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Q: Who/What is “The Mental Clutter Coach”?

A: April Welch {Organizing Expert} has always had a knack for listening to folks & helping them realize their GOALS, DREAMS, PRIORITIES & sometimes even their TALENTS.

Her training as a professional organizer has given her a unique skill set that she brings to work each day, whether she is speaking on a national stage to large groups or has rolled up her sleeves & is helping a client virtually with their private struggles.

Her quick bio reads:

April is a Mental Clutter Expert | Mom of 2 boys | Wife to 1 Fireman | Horrible Cook | Loyal Friend | National Public Speaker who gives you permission to be imperfect



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April Welch is an Organizing Expert, specializing in helping folks let go of their frustration and focus on the patience loving someone can bring.



You’ve done the hard work of creating a platform where your tribe comes and is eager to hear what you have to say, but now you’re spending more time running the business of connecting than you are actually connecting. The Mental Clutter Coach will help you evaluate what can be systemized & delegated so you can find the balance needed for ultimate success.



Know you want to move forward with your business? Not sure which goals to pay attention to first? Confused on how to make any sense of all your ideas? Feeling like you’re standing in your own way? The Mental Clutter Coach allows you to dump your head out, then piece by piece helps you discover options in line with your vision.



You’ve figured out customers are “GeoTagging” your storefront, but what does that mean? The Mental Clutter Coach will help you learn how this social media platform can be utilized and brainstorm ideas customized to your location.


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Posted by Head Clutter Coach on January 23, 2011 · 

You may find this hard to believe, but I spend a lot of time in the closet. Client’s closets that is. Dealing with everything from keepsakes to old baby clothes to a wardrobe that represents a past life and of course the wide array of unmentionables.

You know, the under garments for all genders as well as the items for all needs. {my favorite client memory was the chocolate and wine stash we had to organize secretly while the spouse was at work}

IMAGE: unmentionable-clutter-31-days-of-organizing

If you’re faced with the unmentionable clutter consider a few of the following as a place to begin making decisions during a declutter session.


  • Holes belong in the garbage can
    • yes, women, I’ll wait while you go get your man and have him read that.
  • Stains have a life span
    • first stain qualifies items for “working” or “around the house” wear
    • second stain qualifies items for the garbage
    • and ladies, I understand that special selection we tend to justify, keep the previous two suggestions in mind there too
  • Set aside a budget
    • once a month or once a quarter refresh your supplies, since you’ll be rotating items into a system that will help you purge ~ you’ll need to make sure you’ve set aside a budget to replace old items
    • I cannot even begin to tell you how long ago I should have bought stock in Hanes due to the amount of socks all the men in my house go through {God Bless Costco!}
    • use holiday sales to stock up on commonly loved under garments {Memorial Day, Back-to-School, Day after Christmas}
  • Donating, the controversy
    • part of what I’ve seen clients hold onto most is their unmentionables, they say they’ll no longer use the item but they can’t bring themselves to give it away {due to embarrassment or lack of resources}
      • ask yourself, “if I had a friend in need, would I privately offer these items to them?”
        • if the answer is yes, feel free to donate to places like Goodwill or Volunteers of America
        • if the answer is no, I hereby give you permission to throw it away
  • Rags
    • my husband is a fan of purging holey socks into the rag bin {this grosses me out}, however ~ he does use them for projects that include things like oil, grease and other unwashable residue
    • undershirts make great window washing rags
    • other than that, I haven’t come across a reason for any other unmentionables to be re-purposed as rags. If you have one, please share in the comments below.


  1. schedule some time to go through your unmentionables
  2. review the tips above, reference for guidance
  3. purge, making decisions on what type of parameters you have for the quality of your items
  4. make it to the bottom of each area before moving on to the next {ex: sock drawer}
  5. discard things set aside for garbage, rags and possibly donations.
  6. evaluate if your storage system is working
  7. replace items you’re keeping to their perspective homes
  8. determine the cycle for the next time you’ll do this task, mark it in your time management system


Were you surprised how many old items were still “hanging around”?

Did you do this task on your own or with a friend/spouse/roommate?

How often do you think you’ll be purging your unmentionables?



Posted by Head Clutter Coach on January 22, 2011

Even the most seasoned traveler finds pockets of down time, or better known as waiting around.

Admittedly, I’m a pretty impatient down time person. I tend to begin thinking of what I could be accomplishing if I would have been prepared to wait around.

Thus, my down time kit … for traveling.

IMAGE: travel-down-time-31-days-of-organizing

Don’t get me wrong, I can people watch with the best of ‘em {and often do}, but when I know I’m up against deadlines I like to make every effort to clear my responsibilities in time.


For Business Trips:

  • Down time can mean a multitude of things
    • layovers
    • evening time, after the networking
    • post conference, pre-return flight
  • A habit I’ve gotten into
    • review the itinerary
    • note expectations
    • evaluate rest times
  • Consider the supplies
    • Magazines, for on the flight after my battery dies
    • neck pillow, so I can sleep anywhere
    • travel scent, to help with any disagreeing environment
    • comfortable shoes, for sightseeing
    • camera, for proof of amazing sights to show my kids

For Personal Trips:

  • an eReader
    • I love getting caught up on pleasure reading
  • journal
    • I like to unplug from time to time
  • crazy cash
    • walking around and grabbing a favorite beverage or catching a movie is a great way to take advantage of unexpected time
  • snacks
    • hunger is never fun
  • camera
    • to catch the fun

Other sanity savers:

  • setting email auto-replies for my time away
  • allowing relaxation time
  • giving in to a vice {hello chocolate cake!}


Answer the question:

what do I like to do, in a public place, when I have down time?

Even knowing the answer to that question will help you begin formulating what supplies would go in your down time kit.


What would be or is in your down time kit?


neck pillow
comfortable shoes